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The SQUARE-UP is a "Real Time" indicator of Bow tourque, proper grip and proper form. The round housing of the SQUARE-UP pairs up perfectly between your peep and sight housing, so there are no extra steps to your natural aiming process, all you'll see are the thin vertical wires. Once sighted in properly your pins will fall dead between the wires. If the your pins are toward one wire or the other, it means you are torquing your bow. The SQUARE-UP gives you an visualization of error and allows you to correct your grip or form instantaneously for a torque free center aligned shot.
The SQUARE-UP improves grip and proper form while promoting consistency, increasing accuracy and confidence.
Square-Up is left or right hand shooter and bow compatible

Square up was designed and built by Mike Scaniffe and soon became the number one bow torque indicator in the world. Xcel Archery Solutions is the sole distributor of Square up. Made from 6061 Anodize Alumium we added product enhancements to make the product even more adaptable to your bow and easier to use. 

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